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Professional Development

The Core Knowledge Foundation is the sole provider of professional development services for the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence  and the Core Knowledge Sequence.

Ensure Success

Successful implementation of Core Knowledge is the product of careful planning, support from stakeholders, and rigorous professional development.

The Core Knowledge Foundation can consult with your organization to develop a custom plan to support implementation of the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence or the Core Knowledge Sequence for kindergarten through eighth grade. Each year, the Foundation presents hundreds of hours of professional development services throughout the United States. Participating in our professional development offerings helps to ensure the success of your implementation and provides you with an opportunity to meet and interact with other Core Knowledge administrators and teachers.

Get Started


At the preschool level, we recommend a minimum of six days of Core Knowledge professional development in the first year of implementation to provide guidance on Getting Started with the Preschool Sequence, Assessment and Planning to Meet Children's Needs, and helping children to develop Autonomy, Social Skills, and Work Habits. A two-day training specific to Core Knowledge Language Arts Preschool is also available.

Kindergarten through Eighth Grade

For teachers implementing Core Knowledge in Grades K–8, a minimum of four days of Core Knowledge professional development is recommended in the first year of implementation.  All staff members should participate in Getting Started with the Sequence for Grades K–8 and administrators and Core Knowledge Coordinators should participate in a Core Knowledge Coordinator and Leadership Institute. These workshops can be scheduled during your allotted professional development days throughout the school year, although the first three days should be scheduled consecutively.