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2010 Edition of the Core Knowledge Sequence

With the prospect that many states will soon embrace a common core of K–12 standards in language arts and math, the future of the American public education system has never looked brighter than right now.

We at the Core Knowledge Foundation fervently believe that our experience over the past twenty years in championing the use of a coherent, cumulative, content-specific curriculum in schools throughout the United States can be of significant value to states and school districts nationwide looking to take the next step forward at this historic moment. The integration of common core standards in language arts and math with a coherent, cumulative, and content rich curriculum holds enormous promise. The Core Knowledge Foundation stands ready to assist states, school districts, and individual schools in taking this step and it is for that very reason that we have decided to disseminate the Core Knowledge Sequence as widely as possible at no cost.

We offer then this updated, 2010 online version of the Core Knowledge Sequence. Our original mission—Excellence and Equity for All Children—and the simple, yet powerful underlying premise of Core Knowledge, that knowledge builds on knowledge, remain unchanged. Nearly all of our most important goals for education—greater reading comprehension, the ability to think critically and solve problems, even higher test scores—are a function of the depth and breadth of our knowledge. Although current events and technology are constantly changing, there is a body of lasting knowledge and skills that form the core of a strong preschool–Grade 8 curriculum. Explicit identification of what children should learn at each grade level ensures a coherent approach to building knowledge across all grade levels, making efficient and effective use of instructional time. Every child should learn the fundamentals of science, basic principles of government, important events in history, essential elements of mathematics, widely acknowledged masterpieces of art and music from around the world, and stories and poems passed down from generation to generation.

Over the past twenty years, we have been able to refine and fine tune the implementation of Core Knowledge, thanks to the effort and feedback of thousands of teachers and schools who have put the Core Knowledge Sequence into practice in real classrooms with real students. We have attempted to reflect our increased wisdom with regards to effective implementation in this 2010 edition of the Sequence.

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