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CKLA Implementation Resources Guide

CKLA Implementation Resources Guide Support your implementation with on-demand webinars, turnkey training materials, video clips and more. More…

Starter Kits

Starter Kits Ready to move to the next grade? Not sure what materials you need to get started with Core Knowledge? We have made it easy by offering these easy-to-order starter kits for preschool through grade 5.  More…

Get Started with Core Knowledge

Three Steps to Jump-Start Your Implementation

1. Select a Starting Point: the Core Knowledge Sequence and/or CKLA

Core Knowledge is based on a simple and powerful idea: the more you know, the more you are able to learn. This concept, central to the Core Knowledge Foundation’s goal of excellence and equity in education, takes shape in our curricular resources.

The Core Knowledge Sequence is a framework that provides a detailed outline of recommended curricular content to be taught in language arts, history and geography, mathematics, science, music, and the visual arts from preschool to grade eight. Resources, such as Core Knowledge Teacher Handbooks, are used by teachers to develop their own units aligned to the Sequence. To see examples of such units, visit our Domain-Based Unit Samples created by educators from around the country.

Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) is a comprehensive ELA curriculum that includes detailed lessons and assessments, which put the Core Knowledge approach to building literacy into action. CKLA addresses much of the Sequence, but not all of it. For schools interested in building their own curriculum around the Core Knowledge content, CKLA is a great way to jump-start implementation using a comprehensive model.

Additional comprehensive curricular resources are being developed now! Read more. . . 

2. Find Resources

The Core Knowledge Sequence and most of the CKLA P­­–5 program are both available for free download.  In addition, we have created two implementation guides to support educators as they begin to use the Sequence and/or the CKLA program. Free tools include: reading resources, sample lesson and unit plans, alignments to the CCSS and NGSS—and more!

Professionally bound instructional materials are also available for purchase.

3. Participate in Professional Development Opportunities

The Foundation offers free turnkey professional development kits and anchor video presentations through the Sequence and CKLA Implementation Guides. In addition, there are opportunities to build capacity and strengthen implementation through the guidance and support of Sequence and CKLA experts: