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  • Benefits of Core Knowledge

What Your—Grader Needs to Know

In one volume per grade, this eight-volume series provides parents, teachers, and children with an introduction to the important knowledge outlined in the Core Knowledge Sequence. More…

Success Stories

Success Stories Learn how Core Knowledge schools in nearly every state are succeeding with a sequenced, solid, specific, and shared curriculum. More…

Benefits of Core Knowledge

All Stakeholders Benefit from a Coherent, Cumulative, and Content-Specific Curriculum

For Students

Core Knowledge:

  • provides a broad base of knowledge, and
  • provides the rich vocabulary needed for reading achievement and academic success.

For Schools

Core Knowledge:

  • provides a plan for coherent, sequenced learning from grade to grade,
  • promotes teamwork and an institution-wide focus, and 
  • enables schools to work more effectively while meeting and exceeding state standards.

For School Districts

Core Knowledge:

  • decreases the learning gaps caused by student mobility,
  • provides a strong foundation of knowledge for success in high school and beyond,
  • creates a common focus to share information and expertise, and
  • encourages cooperation among schools to provide a quality learning experiences for all students.

For Parents and Communities

Core Knowledge:

  • enhances accountability and parental engagement by providing a clear outline of what children are expected to learn in school, and
  • provides a common ground for communication—in school and in life.