In Defense of Educators

The Winter 2016-2017 issue of American Educator features an excerpt from E. D. Hirsch, Jr.’s Why Knowledge Matters. Some blame teachers but the real issue, says Hirsch, is not teacher quality but idea quality.                 More…

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 Are you looking to strengthen your Reading/ELA lessons with engaging nonfiction texts? Do you want your students to explore great civilizations, remarkable people, and world-changing events and ideas? Then download the FREE materials in the Core Knowledge History and Geography program. 

CKHG is a comprehensive program in world and American history and geography, integrating topics in civics and the arts. Ten CKHG titles are now ready, with many more to come.

Each CKHG unit includes: 

  • Student Readers—richly illustrated and engagingly written 
  • Teacher Guides—with detailed lesson plans, activity page masters, virtual online field trip links, and assessments
  • Timeline Cards—visual aids to reinforce big ideas 

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